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maharishi presents a short film directed by Norbert Schoerner exploring the concept of the modern day pacifist prepper, a visionary group who prepare for a future where our basic food and energy needs may not be provided by the state or private enterprise and who’s lifestyle forms the basis for maharishi’s AW13 collection. This film was made in partnership with G-SHOCK and features their GW9400J watch, a very relevant tool for the modern day pacifist prepper with it’s solar power functionality and Triple Sensor technology. Also heavily featured in the collection and film is maharishi’s seasonal camouflage pattern DPM: English Oak & Berries, a photo real rendition of an English Oak forest infused with bright red edible berries, referencing the hi visibility colours included in many hunting patterns. Maharishi aims to convey a strong anti-war sentiment through its use of camouflage – reclaiming its symbolic value away from war, back to its roots in nature and development by artists and to highlight objections to continued 21st Century warfare.

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Directed by Norbert Schoerner
Produced by Oz Thakkar
Animation by Liam Brazier

Starring Ricki Hall

Director of Photography – Greg Taylor
Edited by Paul Moth at Final Cut
Production Design by Glyn Owen
Music by R D Torell
Casting by Nik Thakkar at Nephew London
Hair & Make up by Kelly Mitchell
Costume Supervision by Jay Best

Hidé Shimamura
Calum Yeats
Steph Sargent
Claudia Carrere Alba

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