A couple of months ago I introduced you to the Maximuscle Protein Project – a twelve week long project that saw three regular guys take on an incredible challenge to transform their body and physique for the better.

Men from all walks of life were encouraged to apply, as Maximuscle wanted to show just how much of a difference protein supplements and correct training principles could have on the average man’s physique.

Yesterday marked the end of the twelve week challenge, and today we are going to showcase exactly how the contestants have changed, along with details of how you can vote for your favourite to win some amazing, once-in-a-lifetime prizes.

The Challengers

Below you will find the starting photos for each of The Protein Project challengers. We will be utilising these photos to show the dramatic transformation that each has undergone over the past twelve weeks. They are, from left to right: James Goddard, Oli Ward and David Reilly.

As you can see from the images below, these were genuinely real men who wanted to make a positive change to their physique and overall health.

Maximuscle Protein Project Challengers - Starting Photographs

Week 12: The Transformation
James Goddard

James Goddard - Maximuscle Protein Project Transformation

James’ initial goal was to transform into cover model shape, and he has done extremely well during the project. You can see immediately that he has taken multiple inches off his waist size, which has in turn given him that desirable, powerful ‘V’ shape that all men strive for.

Not only that, he has also managed to maintain his size (which I know from personal experience is extremely difficult to do when cutting) so now his muscles look a lot bigger and much more defined due to the drop in his body fat percentage. If he keeps up what he is doing for another four weeks I think he would get that final definition he needs in order to grace the cover of any men’s magazine.

Excellent job all round.

Oli Ward

Oli Ward - Maximuscle Protein Project Transformation

WOW. I mean, what can you say that the pictures above don’t? This has been an extremely positive transformation and just goes to show what is physically possible if you dedicate yourself and push yourself to your limits. Oli’s original goal was to ‘lose weight’ – and boy did he do that and more!

He now has a completely flat stomach, his arms are lean and toned and he has even developed some excellent definition through his pectorals. Many will say that if you are carrying a lot of excess weight to begin with then it is ‘easier to lose’ – however, if that was the case then everyone would be making this same transformation. Believe me when I say that Oli would have put in the work and stuck religiously to his diet in order to achieve these results in such a limited time period – superb dedication and self motivation.

He was my pick to win in the first article and I have to say that he exceeded even my expectations of what was possible.

David Reilly

David Reilly - Maximuscle Protein Project Transformation

David’s is a keen footballer for Bromley AFC, so he was looking to improve his performance, strength and speed over the course of the project. As you can see, he is now extremely lean, and this should translate effortlessly onto the football pitch – he will be less susceptible to injury, should be able to run for longer and also have the explosive power he needs during sprints, jumping and the like.

Not only has David leaned up considerably, I think you can see some size added to his arms and through his shoulders. Another superb transformation that was about more than just looking good – this will be something that helps boost his personal performance and takes his game to the next level.

The Prize Up For Grabs

This project wasn’t just about personal pride and the intrinsic satisfaction of transforming your body. One of the three challengers above will now go on to win an amazing prize that includes starring in the next Maximuscle advertising campaign, a year’s worth of Maximuscle products, a year’s personal training from one of the Protein Project trainers and a cool £5,000!

So it is extremely important that you vote for your choice of winner in order for them to be rewarded for all their hard work and dedication.

How To Vote

In order to make voting as simple and as painless as possible, Maximuscle have launched a FaceBook app that allows you to vote online with a simple click of a button. Simply visit Maximuscle’s official FaceBook page and register your vote today.

On this page you will also find each competitor’s week 12 video, which will give you an insight into their training and the challenges they have faced throughout the project.

The closing date for the competition is 8th May 2013.

Click Here To Vote for your Maximuscle Protein Project Winner

Maximuscle Protein Project Bundles

To coincide with The Protein Project, Maximuscle have released some limited edition supplement bundles that will help you stick to a similar supplementation plan as that of the participants. Each bundle is designed to offer you different benefits, whether that is to increase your performance, definition or strength.

Along with the bundles, you can download accompanying training and diet plans that are optimised to make the most of what you are putting into your body. It is a great reference for beginners and will ensure you get the very most from your supplements:

Maximuscle Protein Project Bundles

Final Word

The above results prove that with a little bit of hard work and dedication to both your diet and your training, you can transform your body – no matter what your current starting point – within three months.

Has the Maximuscle Protein Project given you the motivation and desire to change your body this summer? And who will you be voting for as the winner? Let us know in the comments section below…