Those of you who have been following our new fitness section will know that at the end of last year I took on the Maximuscle Blogger Challenge, with the aim of achieving a cover model physique in less that twelve weeks. If you haven’t yet read the series, start with my final article and see the dramatic changes diet made to my body shape.

The aforementioned article has become one of the most read ever on site, which signals to me that our audience is interested in seeing how regular guys undergo a transformation process such as this.

With this in mind, I want to introduce to you the new Maximuscle challenge: The Protein Project.

The Protein Project

At the end of last year, Maximuscle launched a competition to find three normal men that they could help transform over 12 weeks – looking to make them stronger, fitter and leaner.

Men from all walks of life were encouraged to apply, as Maximuscle wanted to show just how much of a difference protein supplements and correct training principles could have on the average man’s physique.

The brand had thousands of entries from all over the country, and these were whittled down to just three ‘lucky’ winners. I say lucky, but I already know the amount of hard work and dedication it takes to make this sort of lifestyle change – and I had already been training for around ten years before I started!

The three challengers are now taking on the 12 week challenge, during which they will be mentored by top UK sportsmen, trained by Maximuscle athletes/personal trainers and receive diet instruction from a Maximuscle nutritionist.

One of the three finalists will be crowned The Protein Project winner, becoming a Maximuscle ambassador and bagging £5000 into the bargain!

The Challengers

The Protein Project began three weeks ago, which means we can now reveal the challengers who are set to take part in the project, along with their starting photos.

Project Start Photos

The three challengers are (from left to right): James Goddard, Oli Ward and David Reilly. You can see from the images below that these genuinely are real men who want to make a change to their physique and overall health.

Maximuscle Protein Project Challengers - Starting Photographs

James Goddard (Left)

Trainer: Richard Tidmarsh
Nutritionist: Sharmain Davis
Goal: Transform into cover model condition.

Bio: James works in London’s financial district for a well known banking firm. He is a former member of the London Blitz American Football team and wants to use his Protein Project experience to get back to a condition where he can play again.

James wants to achieve the same goal I did when I first took on my challenge. It will be hard work, but is totally achievable if he sticks to the principles and diet laid out for him.

Oli Ward (Centre)

Trainer: Sean Lerwill
Nutritionist: Lynn Clay
Goal: To lose weight and transform my body.

Oli realises that he is slightly overweight and wants to make a change to his overall health and how he feels about his body. This is a powerful motivator for a lot of men and I think by the end of the project Oli will look dramatically different, especially as he will not currently be accustomed to using supplements and training hard.

He is my personal pick to make the biggest transformation and be crowned ‘The Protein Project’ winner.

David Reilly (Right)

Trainer: Toby Rowland
Nutritionist: Gareth Nicholas
Goal: To bulk up and transform his body

Bio: David is a self employed electrician from Bromley, South London. A keen footballer for Bromley AFC, he is looking to improve his performance, strength and speed over the course of the Protein Project.

Another challenger and yet another goal motivating his transformation process. David should be used to working out and will most likely have a competitive streak from playing football, which should ensure he hits his target.

I personally want David to win the project because he has the same nutritionist I did and Gareth really helped and encouraged me throughout my own personal transformation.

Follow Their Progress

The best thing about The Protein Project is how Maximuscle are documenting every single process the challengers are going through. On their dedicated Protein Project website they have everything from training videos to personal blogs from the participants to the diet plans they are following:

Maximuscle Protein Project Bundles

To coincide with The Protein Project, Maximuscle have released some limited edition supplement bundles that will help you stick to a similar supplementation plan as that of the participants. Each bundle is designed to offer you different benefits, whether that is to increase your performance, definition or strength.

Along with the bundles, you can download accompanying training and diet plans that are optimised to make the most of what you are putting into your body. It is a great reference for beginners and will ensure you get the very most from your supplements:

Maximuscle Protein Project Bundles

Final Word

So there you have it, three average guys who are putting in the time and effort to transform their physique and lifestyle for the better. Keep up to date with all the progress they make, get tips from the experts and download your very own training/diet plan from the Maximuscle Protein Project website.

Stay tuned on FashionBeans because we will also be rounding up the progress of the three challengers after week 12 and seeing who has been crowned ‘The Protein Project’ winner.

Get involved in the comments section below to let us know who your tip to win is and whether the project has encouraged you to try and undergo a similar transformation.