Duration: 4:34   |   Posted On: 28th February 2013   |   Broken Video? Click Here To Let Us Know

This film was conceived a year ago when Nim Gadhia of Post Human Wardrobe won a competition my company ‘StrongSky’ ran to win a fashion film.

The competition came about because, after watching quite a few fashion films it became apparent that very few had any real narrative and consequently were quite hard to watch.

Nim is a scientist by training and each new collection takes a scientific principle as inspiration, in this case it was Newton’s Laws of Motion and the film narrative was also inspired by Newton’s Laws.

The film was made on a shoestring, I wrote, organised, shot and edited the film myself, originating on Sony FS700.

Carmen Kelly as Associate Producer helped organise the competition and found me the fabulous model, DJ, Rob Howell. She also features in the film alongside Nathalie Pownell, Charlie Mudie, Nim Gadhia, Laura Jones and Neil Armstrong.
Laura Jones was also stylist and Simone Wightman did make up and hair.

Hope you enjoy it, we are all quite proud of the way it turned out.

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