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People today are faced with an unprecedented diversity of options and contradictions. A curiosity to discover new worlds conflicts with a longing for rootedness, tradition and a simpler life. For today’s generation, the Strellson Premium style is characterized by a clean, natural, understated elegance.

Minimalist design elements are juxtaposed with lightweight fabrics and unconstructed styles. Graphic prints are combined with sleek reinterpretations of ethnic-look and safari-style details to produce a fresh take on classic looks. The result are narrow lapels, shorter lengths, small and soft shirt collars, skinny ties, dividing seams versus traditional elements such as fine stitching, pleats, cuffed pants, double-breasted and three-button jackets, patch pockets and understated trench coats.

Silhouettes are sleek and form-fitting but broken up by casual elements and clean layering, following a general trend toward a more buttoned-up look.

Innovative microstructures, three-dimensional effects and textures, graphic prints, color blocks and color gradations have been updated for the 21st century with new synthetic blends, giving materials and colors a metallic sheen — but combined with natural fibers.

Cool colour shades contrast with accents in warm, vibrant hues. Summer darks are very important and are used to create interesting contrasts: steel blue, light denim blue and dark blue combined with dark red, burnt orange and orange; light gray, dark gray and black in combination with dark brown, cinnamon and turmeric yellow; white, beige and “wet sand” with dark petrol, aqua and intense light blue.

Innovative, international, self-assured: Strellson makes clothing for men who go their own way. Strellson clothing underlines the wearer’s personality, it stands for credibility, success and unmistakable style. Designed in Switzerland.

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