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The Strellson man seeks clarity and a sense of direction in an increasingly complicated and unpredictable world with a renewed focus on tradition and authenticity. Stellson Sportswear reconciles the traditional and the contemporary, providing a fresh take on classic elements and reinterpreting them for today’s world in a collection with a distinctive Swiss flavor.

The collection is characterized by clean lines and geometric shapes broken up by asymmetrical elements. Silhouettes are generally slim, but these are also juxtaposed with oversized items. The collection features interesting contrasts created by combining slim-fit chinos or five-pocket pants with thick overshirts and parkas and pairing casual beach pants or tapered jeans with short biker jackets and tailored sports jackets. Clever layering adds a fresh twist to the largely classic look.

The overall look is clean-cut and classy, conveying a sense of sophistication and refinement. Many items feature judiciously used retro elements and hand-applied details. The collection is enhanced by special finishes such as garment washing and reactive, antiquing and pigment dye effects. Indigo features are prominently this season, with new finishes creating particularly striking effects. Emphasis is placed on details like cuts, two- or three-in-one functionality, hoods, leather appliqu├ęs, drawstrings, decorative zippers, straps, new seam patterns and prints featured on lining.

Outer materials and knits are light and airy, and new wax, foam, PU or carbon coatings are frequently used to add structure and texture. Synthetic and natural materials complement one another, as do matte and shiny effects. Sophisticated new unicolours, faux unicolours, heather mixtures, blends, minimal prints and 3D effects become more important. Graphic and geometric patterns, word-based designs and color blocks appear throughout the collection.

An important theme is the interplay between bright and neutral colors, with vibrant hues juxtaposed with powdery and soft shades. The Blue Family consists of dark navy, royal und sky blue in contrast with teak, beige, black and white. The Green Family is defined by pine, pesto and citronella green combined with brown, cinnamon, cement gray and white. Cranberry, flame red and burnt orange contrast with olive, beige, cement gray and white in the Red Family.

Innovative, international, self-assured: Strellson makes clothing for men who go their own way. Strellson clothing underlines the wearer’s personality, it stands for credibility, success and unmistakable style. Designed in Switzerland.

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