With the summer months fast approaching, many of you readers will be jetting setting far and wide in search of that summer sun the UK so drastically lacks. For those of you that stick to a strict training and dietary regime, this holiday period will present itself with an opportunity for that healthy lifestyle to take a back seat in exchange for the food and drink you spend the rest of the year trying to avoid.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking your foot off of the gas a little when it comes to your training and diet. After all, if you can’t enjoy time away from the gym, alongside some good food and drink, when you’re on holiday then when can you? Often the time away will serve only to positively impact upon you, allowing your body and mind time to fully recuperate and recover, so that you return with a burning desired to succeed more than ever.

Having said all this, if you’re anything like me, then you don’t want to see all those hours, days, weeks and months spent in the gym, developing your physique and giving it your all, go to waste over a period of binge drinking and eating.

So how can you avoid completely taking your foot off of the gas and well and truly falling off that wagon? Optimum Nutrition thinks they have the answer to this holiday predicament with their aptly named Travel Survival Kit. This article contemplates this unique supplement bundle and its overall effectiveness during your summer holiday experience.

Optimum Nutrition Travel Survival Kit

One of the biggest issues with travelling abroad is that you lose the luxury of being surrounded by your normal training aids, such as supplements. Simply by removing your protein powder from your diet for a week or two, you are losing a significant supply of high quality proteins which your body will have become reliant upon.

These aforementioned supplements are often reluctantly left behind, normally due to a combination of reasons revolving around packaging size and difficultly in transporting between custom zones. There’s simply no room in your suitcase allowance for a cumbersome 2kg container. Of course, you could place these powders into smaller, unlabelled containers, but how comfortable would you feel moving through customs and explaining yourself to a customs officer on the other side? Ultimately, it’s you and your physique that has to go without, as you settle for lesser alternatives.

With all this in mind, Optimum Nutrition realised there was a real gap in the health and fitness market to bring about a solution to this problem. Behind a team of expert scientists and an ethos of delivering quality supplements with innovative designs, this international brand came up with their very own Travel Survival Kit.

It includes absolutely everything you need to keep you going until you return home from that well deserved break. What’s more, this supplement bundle is all fully sealed and labelled so you’ll experience no issues should your luggage be subject to a randomised check.

What’s In The Kit?

So what can you expect to find in the bundle? With each and every kit you receive: a shaker, six wholly oat bars, four gold standard 100% casein sachets and twelve gold standard 100% whey sachets.

The Shaker

This iconic Optimum Nutrition shaker provides you with a foundation from which to create all of your holiday protein shakes. With an extra large 32 fl oz capacity, it also has the ability to double up as an effective water bottle.

Unlike other lesser brands, this shaker is extremely durable and you won’t experience any leakage whatsoever.

Wholly Oats Bars

Protein content: 23g per bar
Suitable for: snack between main meals and ideal when out and about during the day.

These bars taste great and will have you feeling like you’re enjoying a ‘cheat treat’, when in reality you’re receiving nothing but quality nutrients. Also included is a healthy serving of slow release carbohydrates. Each bar comes individually wrapped for ease.

Gold Standard 100% Casein Sachets

Protein content: 24g per sachet
Suitable for: whenever slow release protein is required, such as prior to sleeping.

Casein is considered a slow release protein supplement, which has the ability to bring about anti-catabolic effects whilst at the same time offering muscle protection qualities. This version is low in fats and carbohydrates whilst allowing for a huge serving of high quality protein.

Gold Standard 100% Whey Sachets

Protein content: 24g per sachet
Suitable for: whenever an instant hit of protein is required, such as following an excursion.

Compared to the above casein sachets, this supplement offers a faster release protein of the highest quality. Derived from whey protein isolates, which are 90% pure protein by weight, this award winning protein will target your muscles and help combat muscle wastage.

Final Word

The Travel Survival Kit from Optimum Nutrition is a truly unique supplement bundle, and it is a wonder why no other brand seems to offer a similar package. It serves all of your daily protein requirements and provides a real solution to any potential dietary problems whilst on holiday.

The importance of maintaining adequate protein consumption levels, even during periods of relaxation, should not be underestimated or omitted if you want your physique to continue to develop and grow whilst also minimising any catabolic changes.

What’s more, the Travel Survival Kit is plentiful and easily provides you with enough ammunition to successfully get through a seven night break. Ultimately, this means that you can go on holiday safe in the knowledge that all of your dietary needs and requirements have been taken care of.

Once again, Optimum Nutrition has excelled themselves and created a supplement idea that is revolutionary. The Travel Survival Kit definitely gets the two thumbs up from me and I for one will be purchasing my supply before I head off for some summer sun in a few weeks time. If you’re serious about your health and fitness, then a supplementation kit like this should be considered as high up on your priority list as swimming trunks and sun cream.

It is available at Optimum Nutrition now, priced at £22.99.

The Alternative: Make Your Own

In the interest of fairness, and because this article has not been sponsored by Optimum Nutrition, we feel obligated to make readers aware that they could create their own travel survival kit utilising samples and single serving size supplements from their favourite brands. Below we pick out some key supplements you should consider taking with you on your next break…

Sample Powders

Single serving, individually sealed sachets are available from certain retailers, allowing you to take away some of your favourite supplements. Weight gain, protein powders and even all-in-ones can be purchased, so you can build your optimal holiday supplementation program:

  • Myprotein Impact Whey Protein SampleMyprotein Impact Whey Protein Sample
  • Myprotein Hurricane Evo SampleMyprotein Hurricane Evo Sample
  • Myprotein Total Gainer SampleMyprotein Total Gainer Sample
  • Myprotein True Whey SampleMyprotein True Whey Sample
  • Complete Protein Blend™ Sample 30gComplete Protein Blend™ Sample 30g
  • Whey Protein Concentrate 82% Sample 30gWhey Protein Concentrate 82% Sample 30g
Protein Bars/Snacks

Some retailers allow you to buy singular protein bars/snacks, which is extremely convenient if you are travelling abroad. Others may sell them in boxes of 12-24 but they still all come individually wrapped so you can pack as many as you require:

  • Myprotein Snack Attack Sample PackMyprotein Snack Attack Sample Pack
  • Myprotein High Pro Deluxe SampleMyprotein High Pro Deluxe Sample
  • High Protein Flapjack Sample 85gHigh Protein Flapjack Sample 85g
  • Cnp Pro Bar Xs Peanut 70gCnp Pro Bar Xs Peanut 70g
  • Maximuscle Cyclone Chocolate BarMaximuscle Cyclone Chocolate Bar
  • Met-rx Big Colossal BarMet-rx Big Colossal Bar
  • Phd Nutrition Diet Whey Chocolate Cookie BarPhd Nutrition Diet Whey Chocolate Cookie Bar
  • Usn Pure Protein Vanilla BarUsn Pure Protein Vanilla Bar
  • Maximuscle Progain FlapjackMaximuscle Progain Flapjack
Travel Shakers

Large, cumbersome shakers are not what you want to be packing in your suitcase. Check out these smaller, more compact alternatives:

  • Easy Body Shaker Cup 500mlEasy Body Shaker Cup 500ml
  • Smartshake Metallic EditionSmartshake Metallic Edition
  • Myprotein Myprotein Blender Bottle MiniMyprotein Myprotein Blender Bottle Mini
  • Myprotein Myprotein Smartshake™Myprotein Myprotein Smartshake™
  • Optimum Nutrition Mini Shaker CupOptimum Nutrition Mini Shaker Cup
  • Smartshake Protein Shaker MutantSmartshake Protein Shaker Mutant