Several weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to sample a new product from supplement giant Maximuscle. Like most individuals, I love a freebie, so I was quick to reply and following some deliberation, I opted for the chocolate flavoured variety.

As the name aptly suggests, Maximuscle’s brand new All-In-One has been designed and implemented to provide individuals with a one stop health and fitness supplement. The following mission statement, released by the brand, allows you further insight into this supplement: “Here at Maximuscle, we have developed a new All-In-One product to help you get the most from your exercise or training and develop muscle and strength.”

Designed to sit under their already industry acclaimed all-in-one Cyclone shake, Maximuscle All-In-One has been developed for those men who are starting out on their fitness journey and need a convenient supplement that will help them pack on size and strength quickly.

Prior to this invitation, I had never utilised an all-in-one supplement alongside my regular training schedule, so I was keen to see how I responded to the supplement from a physical point of view. The purpose of this article is to offer you a thorough review of this product, so that in turn, you can decide whether it suits you and your independent training goals.

The Brand

Before moving on to divulge the vital statistics associated with this All-In-One supplement, I felt it necessary to consider where it has derived from. Maximuscle was established in 1995, having been founded by Zef Eisenberg, an avid bodybuilder. Eisenberg had a vision to create a supplement supplier that was driven by scientific research and offered safe and effective products; this is exactly what was achieved.

Today, Maximuscle can be considered Europe’s number one sports nutrition brand, supplying an array of health and fitness related supplements to support the needs and requirements of many individuals. Other franchise worthy products such as Promax and Progain have all been established under the Maximuscle umbrella and professional athletes such as Amir Khan and Stuart Broad act as proud ambassadors for the brand.

Long time FashionBeans readers may also remember that our very own Editor-In-Chief, Ben Herbert, undertook the Maximuscle Blogger Challenge twelve months ago, and he achieved some pretty remarkable results whilst utilising their supplements.

The Product

Now that the pleasantries are out the way, let’s get down to the all-important nitty gritty – the active ingredients that Maximuscle and their team of expert scientists have included in their new All-In-One supplement (per 55g serving):

Maximuscle All-In-One

Protein (20g): For many this is considered the most important ingredient. Protein is the foundation from which you have developed; it’s required for almost everything health and fitness related, from recovery and repair to the laying down of new lean muscle mass.

Within this 20g serving, Maximuscle has included 2.1g of l-leucine, an essential amino acid that ensures all of the aforementioned processes occur effectively and efficiently. The presence of l-leucine is also required for the effective utilisation of protein by the body.

Carbohydrate (22g): No all-in-one supplement would be complete without the inclusion of carbohydrates. This is derived from a blend of maltodextrin and dextrose, providing an even spread of both high (11g of simple sugars) and low glycaemic index carbohydrates.

The fast release carbohydrates (sugars) allow for a rapid replenishment of muscle glycogen stores following intense exercise, whilst the slow release carbohydrates provide the body with a timed source, ensuring any hunger pains and snacking on unsavoury items between meals is eliminated.

Creatine Monohydrate (3.4g): This serving size, of which 3g is pure creatine, will allow for both the replenishment and enhancement of creatine phosphate levels within your body. During periods of intense exercise, Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP is broken down and the energy released supplies your active muscles.

The presence of creatine enables the regeneration of ATP so it can again be broken down and used to further fuel the muscles. Benefits include enhanced performance levels, strength, size and overall muscle growth.

The brand have also included 2g of fibre within every serving size, as well as keeping fat levels and salt content to an absolute minimum, at 2g and 0.4g respectively.

RRP £34.99 for 990g/18 servings.

Taste & Usage

As a general rule of thumb, Maximuscle have offered the following consumption recommendations: those individuals looking to develop a combination of strength and power should consume one shake per day, whilst those individuals looking to enhance their muscular growth and strength levels should consume up to two shakes per day.

Throughout this sampling period, I opted to consume one serving per day. On training days, this served as a post workout shake, whilst on my rest days, I utilised it as a snack between my main meals.

So what were my thoughts on this product? Initially, from a taste perspective, I was extremely impressed with both the flavour and texture of this supplement. The chocolate flavour, which I opted for, was a pleasure to drink and actually quite moreish, and didn’t leave an unpleasant aftertaste in my mouth. It also blended easily with both water and milk and at no time did I experience any bloating or discomfort.


Now let me offer my professional opinion in terms of overall effectiveness and value. Maximuscle has included all that is expected from an all-in-one supplement – that being protein, carbohydrate and creatine monohydrate, in quantities of 20g, 22g and 3.4g per serving size respectively.

Although for many individuals, these values would have been more than sufficient, personally I would have liked to have seen these vital statistics enhanced, especially with regards to the protein and creatine monohydrate content.

The reason I have avoided this genre of supplement before is because I like to take in much higher levels of each of these macro-nutrients, and so being able to add protein, carbs and creatine separately to a shaker cup allows me to increase my intake and hit my required levels of nutrition. [Ed note: it should be pointed out here that Alex weighs 100kg and therefore will require much higher levels of protein and carbs than the ‘average’ male.]

The only other potential pitfall of all-in-one supplements – which relates to the point above and can be considered a general critique to this supplement genre and not simply to this Maximuscle product – is that your ability to monitor your supplement intake becomes much more difficult. This is because with each serving you are taking on an array of different nutrients.

For example, if you simply wanted a protein hit late at night, you wouldn’t be able to achieve this without also consuming carbohydrates and creatine monohydrate. Again, this potential predicament will depend on personal preference and your end training goal, so it is up to the individual to determine exactly what they require from the supplement before making that all-important purchasing decision.

Noted Benefits

All supplements have their limitations and All-In-One is no different. Having said that, it also offered some noticeable benefits. The flipside to the argument above is that this product is extremely convenient. Often, I have to plan my post workout nutrition in advance and pack an assortment of items, such as a protein shake, banana and creatine tablets separately in my gym bag.

This supplement removed the need for this and provided me with a one stop solution that took some of my morning preparation stress away. Furthermore, I believe consuming this supplement during the post workout recovery phase did bring about positive physical changes. I felt as though my recovery intervals were enhanced and, as a result, felt physically fresher during the proceeding training session. This, in turn, leads to you being able to lift more, and subsequently your ability to pack on size and strength dramatically increases.

Taking all the above into consideration, I think Maximuscle achieved what they set out to do: design a supplement that tastes great, is convenient for beginners or those with little free time, and brings about noticeable physical enhancements.

However, for keen bodybuilders or those who have progressed to a stage whereby they are counting macro-nutrients religiously, NO all-in-one will provide you with the flexibility or increased levels of nutrients you may desire. Instead, combining the Maximuscle’s other supplements such as Promax (protein shake) and Progain (mass shake) with a creatine powder may prove more beneficial.

Final Word

So there you have it, my review on the new All-In-One supplement from Maximuscle. Throughout this article, I have attempted to provide you with an open and honest reflection on my experience with this supplement.

As with all products out there, you are always likely to find a combination of both positive and negative factors; the critical part is finding out what works best for YOU.

Only through careful consideration of your end training goals, contemplating your nutritional requirements in advance and completing a process of trial and error are you likely to find that winning combination.

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