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We flew down to rural Virginia to visit our friend “Old Bob the Weaver” and watch him weave this “modified herringbone” fabric for us. Not only did we get to witness the early 20th century machines and techniques he uses to create this fabric, but we also got to feed his chickens, eat a huge southern dinner cooked on his back yard fire pit, and drink a bunch of local moonshine (in four different flavors).

Old Virginia Modified Herringbone fabric is woven for The Hill-Side in rural Virginia by Bob, whose family has been weaving fabric in Virginia since the 1870s. He weaves this fabric in a weaving building in his back yard, on a 1939 Crompton & Knowles W3 shuttle loom. With the help of his wife and one assistant, he winds the warp beams, ties in the warp, winds the bobbins, and runs the loom all under one roof. Bob designed the “Modified Herringbone” weaving pattern himself.

We’ve made ties and scarves in Old Virginia Modified Herringbone in four colors: red, black, blue, and natural.

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