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windsor. men presents itself for the Spring/Summer 2013 season in a look that is emphatically relaxed and luxurious, inspired by Highline Park in New York. In the middle of this pulsating city the park provides a space for a great variety of styles, thoughts and encounters.

The collection plays with contrasts such as tradition and modernity, casual wear and high-quality tailoring. The look is still close-fitting but always relaxed and with great attention to detail. Classic elements are further developed and interpreted in new ways. Combined with finest materials and skilful cutting they produce sports jackets and suits with an extremely light and soft effect. This ‚soft tailoring’ is perfect for the summer wardrobe. Deliberate inconsistencies in the styling give the look its charm. For example dyed or washed chinos are combined with shoes and belts of high shine leather or a classic suit with a bright denim shirt.

Clear, strong, gleaming colours continue to play a decisive role, but in a somewhat reduced form: navy, indigo, “Napoli blue” to light blue with fresh orange. Light stone grey, pebble and graphite — urbane and clear — combined with a gleaming green, aquamarine or white. Nuances of sand, beige, tobacco, reed and olive with bright red result in summery styling.

Overdyed sports jackets, jackets, coats trousers, knitwear and jersey in classic styles show the richness of the new range of colours, and represent relaxed luxury. Chinos remain the main element among the trousers. They are more varied than ever before: combined with casual jackets, summer knits and jersey, or even with light parkas, duffles or the further developed field jackets.
Sustainable, comfortable travelling is the central theme of the Mindful Traveller Collection. Real luxury when travelling is freedom, individuality, lightness and quality. The best materials, well thought-out details, and excellent cuts are the basis of this philosophy. The collection consists of suits, sports jackets, coat, shirt, knitwear and jersey. Exceptional materials with special qualities, such as water-repellent high-spun yarns and pure wool, provide the greatest possible comfort when travelling. Uncompromising in quality and design, every article in this range is the perfect companion for the modern travelling man.

windsor. is meant for people who combine tradition with the style of the present, elegance and casualness, luxury and quality, self-confidence and understatement. The result is an unmistakable look which is absolutely timeless. For more than a hundred years, windsor. has been standing for premium fashion. For the perfect moment: when you have arrived.

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