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“Mt. Gentleman”, wisdom’s 2013 design concept, is grounded in the search for a mature style guided by a sturdy yet graceful eye. Each piece features elements that involve a mixture of the rugged outdoorsman and the sophisticated urban dweller to create its own unique look, which strives for designs that are simple yet multi-layered. This line not only includes a careful focus on functionality but also provides the wearer with a look flush with enjoyment using a blend of quality materials familiar to various lifestyle/cultures. Thus wisdom presents to you our 2013 Mt. Gentleman line.

Creative Director _ Hans Chyi
Film_Alex Wang
Photo_Sih Wei Chen & Rebecca Chang
Styling_Hans Chyi
Model_James Bugden
Brand Manager_Alister Chen
Assist_Andy Chang
Assist_ Jian Zhi
Assist_Yaya Tsai
Assist_Zoe Wang
Music_All Along The River by Oddisee
Especially Thanks :
Bird Lala. Angel Tsai,
Cary Chou, S Eyes,
Hank Lin,Jordy Yeh,
Rachel Tsai, Faymi,
Peiiru Hsieh, Jesus Chang.

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