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XXBC’s collection i lookbook, released in the Fall of 2013.

Select pieces from this collection will be available exclusively at Opening Ceremony New York ( Each piece will be one-of-one.

Some things to note: Jadakiss’s paper towel headband in the “Knock Yourself Out” video; people watching in Washington Square Park at 11 PM on a Friday night; a middle-aged William “The Refrigerator” Perry wearing a full Realtree camo suit, wielding a crossbow; being outbid on eBay in the last 0.1 seconds of an auction (it really sucks); the, albeit fleeting, sense of content you feel when the MTA seems to be on your side for once and all your trains come at the perfect time; green tea; Fay Da bakery; breakfast bars from Whole Foods; nice strangers; push-ups and sit-ups before bed; ornate rugs; fake things that are very, very real.

We aren’t following a formula here.

Shot/Edited: Chris Battaglia (
Photography: James Parker III (
Model: Erica Lusha
Hair/Make-up: Michela Wariebi
Creative Direction: Will Thompson, Alex Lee and Rhamier Auguste

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