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The world’s first live, all-over garment printing store is opening in London – for four weeks only – this summer. Inspired by the art, fashion, and lifestyles of London’s unique culture, YrStore flips the conventional retail experience on its head. Our unique t-shirt design concept makes you the master and creator of your own individual brand. With various image creation techniques, you have the choice to inspire your style and design your own t-shirt from scratch, upload previous designs or photos, or collaborate with already-available artwork.

The interactive art wall lets you draw, create or digitally manipulate your design to preference. If you’re not feeling arty, the selection of pre-programmed photos, elements, stamps and stencils will help you develop your own unique t-shirt design. Our TeeTiler app gives you the option to create elaborate and exciting, unique patterns. Finally you can choose from our library of amazing t-shirts designed by some of the world’s greatest artists.

Once you are happy with your image, you can witness the live print process at our inhouse ‘t-shirt bar’. We use the latest and highest quality pressing techniques to deliver striking clarity and lasting designs. And to match this quality, we print all artwork onto American Apparel t-shirts to achieve a truly premium feel to the end product.

Along with a range or pre-printed T-shirts, we will also be announcing some exciting collaborations with a variety of artists to bring you some incredible one-off designs available to buy pre-printed in store.

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