Mazorin Launches New Products For Spring

Men’s skincare brand Mazorin is launching two new products for spring 2014. The Ockham’s Razor Shaving Cream and Wash Trade Face Scrub will be additions to Mazorin’s Urban Professionals range.

Developed with dermatologists, the shaving cream contains greater plantain, also known as ‘soldier’s herb’, which has been used for millennia to treat wounds on the battlefield. The face scrub contains bamboo and maracuja powder, white willow extract, malachite and salicylic acid to help cleanse and reduce breakouts.

Mazorin was founded by Italian, London-based business developer Giangiacomo Postir and investment banker Marco Baruzzi. They decided to develop their own range of skincare products for busy urban professionals like themselves.

Speaking to FashionBeans, co-founder Postir described the type of man Mazorin’s products are aimed at: “Successful, strongly committed to your career, not afraid of facing new challenges,” he said. “A man-about-town engaged in a full social life. From the trading floor to the dance floor, you work hard and play harder. You know the importance of taking care of yourself but your busy lifestyle leaves no time for long and obsolete grooming rituals.”

The male grooming industry is growing fast. In the UK, the male skincare market is worth an estimated £600m and Debenhams reported that men spent 24 per cent more on grooming products last year than they did the previous year.

This mirrors what is happening in fashion. The British Fashion Council together with the Greater London Authority predict that by 2016, men will be spending more on fashion than women.

The Ockham’s Razor Shaving Cream and the Wash Trade Face Scrub are available to purchase on the brand’s website from today, priced £12.50 and £15 respectively.

Available At
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