Your Party Season Grooming Kit

With the party season well under way, and New Year’s Eve on the horizon, your grooming routine has never been so important.

Whether you’re going to the office party or on a big Christmas night out, you’ll want to look your absolute best – quite a challenge when you’re busy at work, rushed off your feet or hung-over from the previous night’s shenanigans.

So here are a some useful products to see you through the seasonal shindigs, along with a few to ensure you look half decent the morning after, too…

The Dry Shampoo: Toni & Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo

No longer the preserve of festival goers and make-up artists needing to pep up tired hair on shoots, dry shampoo is becoming increasingly popular with men who want to give lank, greasy hair a new lease of life.

Perfect for freshening hair and absorbing excess oil when you don’t have time for a shower, it’s especially useful if you’re going out straight after work. Just spray at the roots and style as normal:

Toni & Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo

The Skin Perfector: Lab Series BB Moisturiser

Given how time-poor we are these days, a multi-tasking face cream like this one is truly a man’s best friend.

As well as moisturising skin, it reduces oily shine, minimises the size of pores, evens out skin tone and, thanks to an adaptive pigment that matches the colour of your own skin, helps disguise the signs of fatigue too. Handy when you’re still going strong at 5am:

Lab Series BB Moisturiser

The Blemish Banisher: Tom Ford Concealer For Men

There are times when it’s best for a man to admit defeat and accept that the only way that untimely spot or mystery red patch are going to vanish is with the help of a little concealer.

This one comes in three shades, has a good texture and doesn’t end up looking ‘cakey’ on the skin. It’s also excellent for disguising dark circles.

To apply, use the tip of your ring finger and gently blend into the skin:

Tom Ford Concealer For Men

The Anti-Perspirant: L’Oreal MenExpert Shirt Protect

Ever had an expensive new shirt ruined by anti-perspirant marks? Well, this under-arm saviour has been designed not to leave marks – even on black garments – and offers powerful 48-hour protection so you always smell sweet, regardless of how much dancing you do.

Make sure you spray around six inches away from the skin to avoid it concentrating in just one place:

L'Oreal MenExpert Shirt Protect

A Fragrance With Staying Power

When you’re out all night you need a fragrance that will last. And according to fragrance designer Azzi Glasser, ones with notes of oudh, vetiver, woods, musk and amber have the best chance of sticking around on the skin.

A few I’ve found that have stamina include Ermenegildo Zegna’s Haitian Vetiver, Aramis Classic, Frapin Nevermore, Czech & Speake’s No 88, YSL’s M7, Terre d’Hermes, Acqua di Parma Leather, Creed Original Vetiver and Kiehl’s Musk:

  • Ermenegildo Zegna – Haitian Vetiver Fragrance – Eau De Toilette 125 MlErmenegildo Zegna - Haitian Vetiver Fragrance - Eau De Toilette 125 Ml
  • Aramis Classic Eau De Toilette Spray 60mlAramis Classic Eau De Toilette Spray 60ml
  • Frapin NevermoreFrapin Nevermore
  • Czech & Speake No. 88 Cologne 100mlCzech & Speake No. 88 Cologne 100ml
  • Yves Saint Laurent M7 Eau De Toilette Natural Spray 80mlYves Saint Laurent M7 Eau De Toilette Natural Spray 80ml
  • Hermes Terre Dhermes Parfum 75mlHermes Terre Dhermes Parfum 75ml
  • Acqua Di Parma Colonia Leather Eau De Cologne Concentree 100ml -180mlAcqua Di Parma Colonia Leather Eau De Cologne Concentree 100ml -180ml
  • Creed Original Vetiver Eau De ToiletteCreed Original Vetiver Eau De Toilette
  • Kiehls Musk Eau De Toilette Spray 50mlKiehls Musk Eau De Toilette Spray 50ml
The Breath Freshener: Ultradex Fresh Breath Oral Spray

Rich food and dehydrating alcohol are a potent combination when it comes to giving us bad breath.

While chewing sugar-free gum to stimulate bacteria-busting saliva can help, this alcohol-free spray is great to pack in your pocket for a night out as it kills said bacteria, rather than just masking the smell it creates:

Ultradex Fresh Breath Oral Spray

The Repair Cream: Baxter Of California Night Cream AHA

I know it’s a bit of an ask, but try to remember (assuming you’re still in possession of your faculties after a few drinks) to slap on a little night cream just before you hit the sack.

Moisturising last thing before bed is always a good idea because your skin tends to absorb creams better at night when it switches to repair mode. Plus it’s the easiest way to increase your chances of looking half human in the morning:

Baxter Of California Night Cream AHA

The Wake-Up Call: Molton Brown Bushukan Body Wash

If you want a shower gel that really gives you a wake-up call then search for ones that contain citrus oils (which studies have shown lift our spirits and keep us alert) and black pepper, which stimulates the senses and boosts circulation.

Handily, especially for party animals, this zingy version features both:

Molton Brown Bushukan Body Wash

The Post-Party Skin Saver: Nickel Morning After Rescue Gel

Dehydration, a lack of sleep and the nutrient drain cause by burning the candle at both ends can all take their toll on the appearance of our skin.

This lightweight gel contains ingredients to rehydrate, refresh and help kick-start the skin’s natural repair processes, making it the best hangover tonic since a fried breakfast.

ClarinsMen Fatigue Fighter is another great post-party option. To boost both these products’ effectiveness, exfoliate skin with a facial scrub before applying:

Nickel Morning After Rescue GelClarinsMen Fatigue Fighter
The Eye Bag Shrinker: Nickel Eye Contour Lift

It’s always worth having a decent eye product to hand when you’re hungover, but what’s more important is that you have the right tool for the job.

Creams tend to be better at dealing with fine line and wrinkles while gels are better at banishing eye bags, so if post-party puffiness is your problem this lightweight gel is perfect.

Tap onto the skin to help stimulate the drainage of toxins and chill in the fridge beforehand to make it even more refreshing:

Nickel Eye Contour Lift

The Finer Details: Tweezerman Nail Tools

One of the mistakes a lot of men make when it comes to party season grooming is focusing on the face and hair and forgetting about everything else. However, in reality – especially at this time of year – few things matter more than your fingernails. After all, when we’re celebrating we’ve often got a glass (or some food) in our hands, which means that your digits are on constant display.

As a style-conscious gent, you wouldn’t neglect the finer details of your ensemble, so why disregard this crucial aspect of your appearance?

Tweezerman produce some of the best grooming tools on the market – these stainless steel scissors are ideal for keeping your nails tidy while the handy nail cleaner will ensure they remain spotless:

Final Word

Do you have a grooming product you always reach for before (or after) a big night out?

Let us know using the comments box below…