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As the Autumn/Winter Season 2014 approaches, the Strellson man stands out by virtue of his naturally tailored look and the tensions created by contradictions. He knows how to effortlessly merge the modern with the traditional and to “evolutionise” his style. The “new generation” is beginning to regard fashion and clothing as no longer separate from themselves, but as a clear element of their “style world” and their attitude to life.

Fashion and function fructify each other and permit the cultivation of an individual, contemporary and dressy look. The focus of the silhouette continues to be the emphasis on the body and its slim linearity, however, the combination with oversized and loose-fit styles with clear contouring breaks with this idea. Special significance is accorded to the interaction of outerwear and tailoring, whereby distinct accents capture attention.

Functional elements, raglan, hoodies, decorative stitching, blends of cloth and leather, asymmetry, visual and tapered zippers, as well as colour blocks, are juxtaposed with very traditional three-button, double-breasted and three-piece suits. Stitching, ticket and double-piped pockets, waist pleats and turn-up trousers are just a few of the captivating details.

The textiles are noticeably more voluminous with astonishing and innovative three-dimensional effects. Bonded fabrics, graphic structures, jacquard, prints and changeant effects breathe life into slumbering surfaces. Classic patterns such as glen check, houndstooth and Vichy as well as striped designs take centre stage and create clear boundaries.

In addition to black, grey and white, which are celebrating their comeback, this winter again sees the dark hues move into the limelight. Petrol, mud, burgundy and dark blue dominate as basic colours.

In addition to creating monochrome outfits, colour is expressly used to generate an antipole or contrast.
Dark blue, steel blue, petrol, clay and copper create a family of colours. Mud, dark grey, black, burgundy and rosé are combined. The same applies to black, grey, white, vein red and blue.

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