Looking put-together actually takes quite a bit of putting together – whether that’s finding the right fit or figuring out which colours work with which. But what if we told you there was a fast-track to success?

Tonal dressing, i.e. wearing different tones of the same colour (or colours from a similar palette), makes light work of looking good. (Mostly because you don’t need to spend 10 minutes googling whether blue really does go with green before leaving the house.)

So put away the colour wheel, and start getting your tonal game on point with help from some of the best-dressed men on the streets:

Entry-Level Tonal

This is entry-level tonal. Matchy, but not too matchy, and a look that’s built from pieces every man should have in his wardrobe. (Lose the silk scarf though, it makes this bloke look like he’s about to do magic tricks.)

Men's Tonal Tailoring OutfitYu Yang For FashionBeans


Little known fact: there’s more than one shade of black. Something this man plays to his advantage, mixing ever so slightly different hues of black for visual texture.

Men's All-Black-Everything OutfitGarconjon

Devil’s In The Details

Struggling to make your tonal looks pop? Tap this man’s trick, and focus on the details: pockets and zips add visual texture to the shades that make up a one-colour look.

Men's Military Green Tonal OutfitDappei

Prints Charming

Tonal doesn’t have to mean ‘boring’. For a maximalist take on the trend, work a little (or a lot, as is the case here) of print into your look for a point of difference other than colour and texture.

Men's All Blue Printed OutfitYu Yang For FashionBeans

Beige Isn’t Boring

One to make your dry cleaner rich, sure, but this punchy look is also proof tonal looks don’t have to skew greyscale.

Men's Beige and White Tonal OutfitDappei

Down To Earth

Pitti attendees aren’t known for their subtlety, but by breaking ranks with the peacocks this man looks all the better for it in an earth tone(al) tailored look.

Pro tip: swap a shirt for a polo shirt – less sweaty, every bit as smart.

Men's Earth Tone Tailoring OutfitYu Yang For FashionBeans

Go Green

This, gentlemen, is what’s known as attention to detail. Street style legend Nick Wooster, AKA The Woostgod, not only manages to nail three trends at once (military, tonal and trainers), he’s also gone to the effort of finding a shirt that matches the sole of his trainers and a pair of culottes that match the uppers. We aren’t worthy.

Nick Wooster All-Green Tonal OutfitYu Yang For FashionBeans

Mix It Up

Ready to take your tonal game up a notch? Try mixing two different colour palettes. Here, the jacket, shirt, trousers and hat chime with one another, but the accessories march to a different beat.

Men's Tonal Tailoring OutfitYu Yang For FashionBeans

Sports Luxe

Track top? Check. Athleisure styling? Check. Pink – AKA menswear’s breakout colour of the year? Check. Model Oliver Cheshire shows how it’s done with a tonal look that manages to straddle trends and dress codes.

Oliver Cheshire - Tonal Sports Luxe OutfitYu Yang For FashionBeans

Grey Days

There is, admittedly, an advantage to being one of the world’s best looking men when it comes to trying your hand at trends, but supermodel David Gandy’s grey-and-white look can be aped with ease (his genes, less so).

David Gandy Grey-On-Grey Tonal OutfitYu Yang For FashionBeans