It’s often (and wrongly) said that men think with their penis. But for many, the thought of that very thing is enough to keep it under wraps altogether.

According to a new survey released by the Archives of Sexual Behaviour, a whopping 27 per cent of men dislike their penis when flaccid. Sure, it may look more like a slug than a love serpent when not stood to attention, but hate is a very strong emotion. What’s more, 19 per cent aren’t even happy when it is erect.

The self-confidence drain also has ramifications for sex lives, too. The data revealed that men who are happy with the man downstairs – around 50 per cent – are having sex more regularly than those who don’t.

So, how do you get cocksure, so to speak? Well, practice a bit of self-love (not that kind). Penises come in all shapes, all sizes – some that require a little experimentation in the bedroom to make you look and feel bigger, which is no bad thing.

Just think: if you can’t get on-side with your manhood, how on earth is anybody else going to?