Don’t bring this one up the next time you have a domestic but a controversial study says men have bigger brains than women. In a world of Hillary Clintons, Amal Clooneys and Emma Watsons, we find it hard to believe that Kev down your local boozer has more going on upstairs. Though that’s not what the folks at Erasmus University in the Netherlands are saying.

Scientists deduced that male IQs are, on average, four points above women’s thanks to a larger brain mass. In MRI tests they found that male brains were, on average, 14 per cent larger than female ones.

The study is already getting heat (and you don’t need a big brain to understand why), but the problem is more in the IQ test itself – a method long disputed as a measure of intelligence. Neuroscientists have also argued in the past that female brains are more efficient.

What’s more, the research found that participants in general with bigger brains scored a higher IQ; men are just naturally larger, and have more grey matter as a result.

The big lesson? Don’t take this research as gospel (and definitely don’t refer to it in heated arguments). Experts say that EQ – emotional intelligence – is a far better marker of a talented mind. And guess what – women typically score much, much higher.

We’ll let the CV decide on this one.