Three dates in, you sealed the deal. Good for you. Not only did she sound very impressed, but you’ve bigged up your Don Juan prowess to your mates down the pub, because you’re a gent like that. The risk here, however, is that you’re solely relying on sounds. Her cries of passion may not have been genuine, and, despite the Oscar-worthy performance, you may never know the truth. Until now.

According to a joint study by Chapman University and the Kinsey Institute, there’s very much an ‘orgasm gap’. Like most things, men have it easy while women are far less likely to orgasm during sex – just a mere 65 per cent. Compare that with 95 for us fellas and the difference is astounding.

It seems there is a way to close the gap, though. The study also went on to reveal the best ways to guarantee a photo finish, with several techniques listed as a ‘golden trio’: deep kissing, manual genital stimulation and oral sex in addition to actual sex. In-and-out-and-off-into-the-shower just won’t cut it.

The benefits won’t solely bestow bragging rights either. Women who are satisfied were shown to have sex for longer, want sex more and be open to erm, experimentation, so it’s totally worth your while. What constitutes experimentation however, is entirely up to you and your ladyfriend.