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Why Sponsor Us?

If your company sells men’s clothing, footwear, jewellery, underwear, grooming products or anything to do with the fashion industry, then sponsorship could be for you. It is a great way to enhance your company website or brand awareness in the minds of fashion conscious males around the globe.

FashionBeans is one of the top online publications devoted to men’s fashion, grooming and style. We pride ourselves on having a great looking, easy to use website, whilst providing fashion conscious male shoppers all the information and advice they need in order to look and feel their best.

Our readership is predominantly males aged 16-40, who desire to lead a fashionable and stylish lifestyle.

Our readers are particularly interested in:

  • Men’s Fashion
  • Fashion Tips
  • Male Grooming
  • Men’s Style
  • Men’s Lifestyle
  • Men’s Hairstyles
  • Designer Clothing
  • Celebrity Style

Our readership is predominantly males aged 16-40, who desire to lead a fashionable and stylish lifestyle. This means they may also be interested in a whole host of other topics related to the above. If this is your companies target audience, then read on for our well priced sponsorship packages.

Latest Statistics via Google Analytics:

Below you can find a screen shot from our analytics account that details our audience from a recent period (1st – 31st March 2014).

Key details include:

  • Visitors a Month: 1,535,000+
  • Pageviews: 4,470,000+
  • New Visitors: 60%

Our Site Stats via Google Analytics

Geographic Splits
  • UK: 38% Traffic
  • Americas: 26%
  • Rest of Europe: 20%
  • Asia: 12%
Top 10 Visitor Cities
  1. London
  2. New York
  3. Singapore
  4. Sydney
  5. Melbourne
  6. Birmingham
  7. Manchester
  8. Leeds
  9. Los Angeles
  10. Dublin

As you can see, your brand awareness potential is off the charts, with traffic from all over the major continents and countries. Our audience figures are growing daily, and continue to increase month on month.

Our great rankings on Google ensure that we continue to bring in new traffic and visitors. We have top 10 rankings for some major terms with our sector, including: mens fashion, mens fashion trends, mens hair, mens hairstyles, male grooming, mens style, mens grooming, mens street style, fashion forums, mens fashion tips, mens fashion blog and many more targeted niche and generic keywords.

As you can see, our results speak for themselves and you can be sure that we target REAL male fashion shoppers within our content.

With 60% of traffic being new visitors, your brand is also being exposed to potential new customers on a daily basis – meaning your advertising works harder for you.

The FashionBeans Community

On top of our superb search engine rankings and high quality traffic, our community is also thriving. We currently have:

  • 147k+ Facebook fans.
  • 25k+ Twitter followers.
  • 9k+ Instagram followers.
  • 18k sign-ups to our fortnightly newsletter.
  • 3k ‘active’ forum members
  • 5k+ RSS Feed subscribers

These figures continue to grow daily, and as an advertiser we can help you leverage the power of our community so that your advertising extends beyond your typical banner campaigns.

Premium Advertising Inventory

Our premium advertising inventory is run on a CPM basis and handled by an external agency acting on our behalf – Bullfrog Digital.

Premium inventory options can include a mix of things like single (300×250) or double MPU (300×600) interactive units above the fold on every page on site, site skins/gutter advertising, custom content creation, video units and much more.

Previous clients who have booked such exclusive packages with us in the past include the likes of Peroni, Dr Martens, French Connection, AllSaints, Levi’s, Topman and Davidoff to name but a few.

Price and options are available on request. Please use our contact form to get in touch today.

Traditional Banner Packages
Payment Terms

All prices below are in GBP excluding VAT. There are a couple of payment methods which can be discussed when you choose to progress with your package.

We have a variety of packages available for you to purchase on a monthly basis. We work on a rolling month to month contract, meaning no long term tie-in!

Note: Payment must clear before advertising goes live.

Sponsor Boxes (125×125)

Sponsor boxes come in the form of traditional 125 x 125px banner advertisements. These are shown on the right hand side of every single page of our publication (excludes forum), in a block of ten ads. These ten ads are rotated randomly on each page so that each advertiser gets the chance to feature in the top spots.

You can see the position of the banners on the example banner spot image below.

We do not take on more than 10 advertisers at any one time.

Cost: £250 per month.

Availability: Once an advertiser pays for this package, they often renew for months at a time. This means we are often booked up fully throughout the year.

Clients: We work with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Allsaints and Topman. These major retailers sit alongside more niche boutiques and brands like Stephen Einhorn, Jacks Of London, Chatsubo and Gagliardi.

It just goes to show that this form of advertising can work for companies large or small.

Lead Sponsor Package

Our lead sponsor package includes four banner spots throughout the site. You have a 125 x 125px banner and a 300 x 250px banner on the right hand side of every page, plus a 728 x 90px leaderboard banner at the bottom of every single article we produce. You can see the position of the banners on the example banner spot image below.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Only one merchant/brand can take up this advertising spot, so your ads have higher impact.
  • Your 125×125 and 300×250 banners are on every single page of our publication (excluding the forum). Superb for brand building and encouraging click throughs.
  • You have a presence at the bottom of every article/lookbook/street style image we publish. Your ad is the last thing our readers see each time they view our content.

Cost: £500 Per Month

Banner spots: 3 across the whole site.

Availability: The current premium sponsor has held the spot for 12 months continuously, so it is a case of taking up the space as soon as it becomes available for purchase. You can register your interest today by contacting our advertising team.


We are also interested in setting up custom competitions for our users and/or receiving free samples from retailers in order for review and inclusion in our men’s fashion news category.

If you would like to offer us some competition prizes and/or samples for review or exposure, please just contact our advertising team using our contact form with your proposal and more details.

Banner Positions Grid

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