The FashionBeans Team

Ben Herbert Editor-In-Chief Ben Herbert - FashionBeans Editor In Chief

The founder and driving force behind FashionBeans. Has been providing the everyday male with fashion and style advice since 2007.

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Cillian O' Connor Features Editor Cillian O' Connor - Features Editor

Previously a content creator for a leading menswear label, Cillian has over 6 years experience writing & consulting on men's style for magazines, insights agencies & brands.

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Lee Kynaston Grooming Editor Lee Kynaston - Grooming Guru

An award-winning journalist and former magazine editor, Lee Kynaston is one on the UK's best known and most experienced male grooming experts.

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Industry Experts

Dion Padan Resident Hair Stylist Dion Padan - FashionBeans Hair Stylist

FashionBeans resident hair stylist, owner of Hooka salons in Liverpool & previous winner of 'Nations Favourite Hairdresser'.

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Marcus Jaye Industry Insider Marcus Jaye - Industry Insider

Marcus Jaye is Founder and Creative Director of men's style site, The Chic Geek. He has written for Shortlist, Men's Health, Shortlist Mode, GQ & was the original Style Spy on

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Chris Gill Industry Insider Chris Gill - Industry Insider

Fashion writer & independent author Chris Gill has worked as the menswear content writer for British label Reiss, as well as contributing his work to Drapers Magazine.

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