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    How to stay stylish, while riding a the rain

    Good evening, FB.

    Being the urban, healthy, environmentally conscious, thirty-something, I try to ride my bicycle to the office every morning. I do so, as long as there’s not too much snow or ice in winter, making it hazardous to ride a velocipede.

    My biggest everyday foe is heavy rain. Light rain is not a problem – a leather jacket and jeans will fend that off. Heavy rain on the other hand, is a bigger problem. I’d love to get some tips on how to stay stylish, yet dry, this particularly rainy fall.

    Perhaps some examples on coats, overtrousers (or water resistant trousers), water proof shoes that don’t look like you’re going fishing, etc. Preferably something practical, as I often have to drop my two year old off at the kindergarten on my way to work. And preferably not too pricey – raising children eats up my budget, you see – although I don’t want to restrict you too much.

    Ps. If you've got examples of good looking helmets, I'd love those as well. My brain is more important than other peoples opinion of how I look, but only just, so I'd love a nice looking helmet.

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    A very specific request! But I do like it. We have featured a lot of cycling ranges recently in our fashion news section, so I am sure we can get something together on practical legwear, technical outerwear and the like.

    It has been noted.
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