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    Cowlick Hairstyles Help

    Many do not know what a cowlick is but many have a cowlick.
    For the people that unfortunately do have one, or possibly more, it can be really hard to style your hair or get a haircut that actually compliments your face and hair. Of course there are ways to reduce the cowlick but it is hard and most of the time it doesn't seem to work for most people.
    An article with possible hairstyles for those with a cowlick would be great and would help out greatly for me and others when next having a haircut and styling our hair.

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    So the fact is, everyone has a cowlick, and men statistically have more cowlicks than women. They key is to find a good hairstylist who understands how to read and work with the cowlicks natural direction of growth. It is one of many factors that a good stylist must assess in working with your "natural terrain" (which includes hair texture, facial proportions, head shape, etc.) Any stylist who has a cookie-cutter approach in not considering your texture will not create a sustainable and complimentary look.

    If not an excellent stylist (excellent does not equate to fancy, fussy or expensive BTW), sometimes it's simply useful to have a regular stylist who knows your hair growth patterns (and your taste), familiar with how to work with it.

    You cannot "train" a cowlick away.

    Essentially, I would say if you want a natural short hairstyle, don't fight the cowlick. Work with its directionality to determine the right wash-and-wear or lightly product-ed look. Or if you can pull it off and have enough of it, just let your hair grow long. Otherwise, blowdry and hair product the hell out of that pate to get the look you want.

    Finally, I have one stylist who somehow with a few strategic snips of her fine scissors, managed to take out some hair from my strange hairline cowlick (I have coarse straight hair), weakening the directionality of and finally permitting it to finally lay flat. But she knew what she was doing.

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