First off I'd like to thank Fashionbeans for the amazing way you have helped changed my style and opening me up to the world of colors. From a black and white kind of guy, I am currently wearing green grey maroon and burgundy colors.

However I am always having trouble to flatter my body type. I am 165cm tall, pretty tanned, and with what one would call, " skinny-fat " guy, meaning to say I look slim while wearing clothes ( sucking in my belly ) and without clothes, I have no muscle defination and protruding belly.

Recently I got a job in the Fine Wine Industry and dealing with luxury products, I expect to carry myself of as a well-dressed guy too. My main problem is that I can't find anything that suits me well. Some people says that I look shorter than I am due to the way I dressed ( pants break problem? ).

I would really hope that one of your article could cover dressing tips for the short skinny-fat man and how to dress like a million bucks when it comes down to only shirt and pants. My outfit usually only works better with a double breasted blazer on top or a single breasted striped blazer.

Thank you editors in advance for any help I could have.

P.S - I would greatly appreciate if there is an article that talks about hairstyles suited for Asian men with straight and " stubborn " hair as well.