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    Thought there might be an article on sunglasses already, but searching the site doesn't seem to come up with anything specific unless I'm missing something obvious. I generally don't wear sunglasses because whilst I feel the pair I have suit my face shape fairly well, they don't seem to suit my summer attire and are a little outdated too. I know I could pick a bit up from articles on standard glasses, but I feel they're not as closely matched as some people make out, especially considering they tend to be worn in summer weather primarily. If the article included which type of sunglasses fit which face type and what style of clothing, that would be really useful, and I reckon it would help out other readers too. Thanks for any consideration.

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    We have actually created an article before on face shapes and sunglasses: Summer Wardrobe Essentials: Sunglasses Guide |

    But we will look at updating this for this season as it was created a long time ago and didn't feature clothing that suits the styles. That might be the hard part though, as specific frames cannot generally be pigeon-holed so easily.
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