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    Unified forum/article comments?

    I would really like to see this: article comments tied to forum accounts. I just noticed there's another "Matt" commenting on the articles (maybe more than one?), and it would be nice to be unique. I just get confused easily and sometimes wonder why I said something...only to realize that it wasn't me.

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    We have a new site design launching in the New Year (very nearly ready now but looking for a launch partner) and then we have plans to build a better community going into the first quarter of 2013.

    This will mean a single site log-on which you can then comment on articles or the forum under the same user name. Obviously this might mean a change of software from the current vbulletin so we can integrate with wordpress, but it looks like we are going to be able to just transfer all user accounts and post stats etc. across without losing any data.

    It should mean that the site is much more interactive however, and encourage more users to get involved in both the article comments and forum.
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