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    Swing/Rock N' Roll Dance Club Night

    I've been invited to a club night tomorrow with a sort of fifties swing and rock n' roll vibe. I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on what to wear. I'm definately going to keep it quirky and not take myself too seriously.

    I was thinking -

    - a bow tie (don't know about whether to go all out or keep it simple)
    - an oxford shirt
    - a blazer of some sort (maybe corduroy for extra "old-man" feel)
    - Coloured chinos
    - Brogues
    - Maybe braces

    I also might slick my hair back with a more wet product than usual - thinking early Cliff Richard aha

    Any other ideas? Crazy as possible!
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    50's to me screams patterns, loafers, and sharp tailored trousers. And quiffs. And neckties. And the Cold War.

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    I would keep it simple - slim black trousers/jeans, rolled with white socks (!!!!), white t-shirt and slim black braces. And a brylcreemed quiff. Tia

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