Hey guys!

Been reading these forums for yonks but by the time i get round to posting something its usually covered so ive been quiet.... until now! (too dramatic?)

Basically i thought i'd dive right in and start a thread so here i go! (sorry for the awful thread title btw, but theyve got to be called something haven't they?)

Anyway down to it, i like watches and i would like a new watch, everyday wear price range 50-100 im not too flush but would like it to be a decent piece.

I'm open to suggestions but i'm thinking brown leather strap?

for a starting point here are a couple of links, stumbled across these:

Sekonda 3847 Mens Chronograph Watch: Sekonda: Amazon.co.uk: Watches

Pulsar Men's Chronograph Watch - H.Samuel the Jeweller

sorry if this was a really long and boring thread opener ><

hope to hear from you soon