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    Suit Advice For A Short-Legged Bloke?

    Hi folks - first time poster here so any advice gratefully received

    Basically, I wear suits for work but I'm getting to the point where finding the right cut of trouser is tricky to impossible. I'm an average height guy (about 5'9"), fairly slim build with around a 32-34 waist. However, I've got fairly short legs, so I always find that a normal cut of suit trouser isnt flattering at all, usually making my arse look huge. For the same reason, you can forget slim cut. I've sometimes been able to find bootcut trousers online but getting a full suit with this style of trouser is getting impossible. I even tried Jacamo in case they could accommodate, but their interpretation of 34" is generous to say the least, & they were no more bootcut than standard fit trousers.

    I'd love to be able to find whole suits in a style that suits short legs & in a variety of colours & materials, but often I've been forced to go for just plain black as otherwise you can't get a different cut of trousers. Does anyone know of anywhere that could offer a solution? I'm not necessarily loaded so tailoring isn't a preferred option, but I'll consider it if anyone thinks it might help. Thanks!

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    Hmmm, I'm short legged, but short everywhere so fairly in proportion. My gut feeling (but hard to know without seeing what you are describing) is that you are falling into the trap that most guys fall into when they think they are elongating their line, when really they aren't.

    Firstly, ditch the boot cut and embrace the slim cut. The thing that makes anything look huge is adding a bulk of material. People thing they are hiding what they think of as a their defects but in truth are making the problem all the more visible.

    Secondly, visit a tailor. It's not as expensive as you think. The most you will end up spending is 30 or so if you have trousers both shortened and properly tapered along their length to get a pleasing fit. Buy cheaper trousers and spend the extra on the tailoring. It's absolutely worth it. Cheaper trousers that fit perfectly look better than more expensive ones that don't.

    Finally, most shirt guys think that they need to keep some length in their trousers and tend to almost have the material touching the floor. Actually a shorter trouser makes creates a longer and slimmer line. Now, there's a limit to how short you can have a trousers for a suit cut (whereas you can casual trousers cut or turned up to the ankle), but go with a half break at most.

    I'm not sure this is particularly the kind of advice you were seeking, but take it from a guy with short legs himself who is obsessed with the cut and fit of his clothes.

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