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    Fit Considering Skinny, Tall Guys

    I want to ask advice, i am 198cm skinny and have long arms, which makes it pretty much impossible to find a shirt which fits, it's either not slim fit or it doesn't have long sleeves, or most of the time both. Also it's tough with blazers and jackets, or pretty much everything that has sleeves as most of the time they are too short. Also as i am quite tall most of the clothes don't quite fit me well, like shorts or waistcoats. It makes it really hard to shop at high street stores;/. Any guys in similar situation as i am ? Any advice?

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    Easiest thing for you to do would be to buy the shirts etc that fit as well as can be expected and have them tailored. If money is a bit tight, spend a bit less on the clothes and then put the excess towards alterations, it'll make a real difference to your clothes overall. Cheap clothes that fit perfectly look much better than expensive clothes that don't.

    If you do go down the alterations route though make sure that the clothes you buy have enough excess material to allow for the alteration to be made in the first place.

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    I'm in a similar situation and the tailor is what's saved me. I quite often buy blazers too big for me to get the length and then have them taken in so they're are nice and slim. Always try to get them as good as possible though: The fit on the shoulders is a good indicator of whether you can work with a jacket or shirt,

    Good luck!
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