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    Black Suit - Shirt And Tie Combo

    Going to the races soon and my black suit is the only one clean. Dont know whether to go with a white shirt and black skinny tie or maybe a different coloured skinny tie? or a different shirt/tie combo

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    I'm not sure if this advice is too late.

    but here's a general rule to keep in mind:

    the lapel of your suit jacket should always determine the size of your tie.
    if you have a 3 inch lapel, go with a 3 inch tie

    Honestly a black jacket and black tie (with a white shirt) go together the best in my opinion.

    If you want to stand out from the crowd: match your belt to your shoes (both texture and colour) I strongly recommend brown.

    Rich Autumn coloured ties i.e: red and brown can easily work very effective with the black suit jacket.

    In terms of shirts it's always good to play it safe and go with either white or a light shade of blue.

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    I would like to suggest wear black suit with white shirt and blach tie. it is look very nice.

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