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    Suit Help - Urgent

    I have my university graduation ball a week today and I still haven't sorted what I'm wearing.

    At 5ft6 with 35in chest, 28in waist I only fit skinny, ideally 34in chest suits. I've been unable to find barely any...

    Originally I wanted to re-create this look: HEbyMango - PREMIUM - Jackets - SUIT COCONUT BLAZER
    However, it's clearly out of stock and I cannot find any other good grey blazers.

    So I may be forced to go with this Topman job: Black 1 Button Skinny Suit Jacket - Suit Jackets & Blazers - Suits - TOPMAN can anyone think of any shirt/tie/pocket square combinations which would make it look more original or fashionable. Or is anyone able to recommend any other sites for finding skinny, fashionable grey blazers?

    I would really appreciate any suggestions as I'm an absolute novice at suit chic.

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    I would like to suggest white shirt with black pant and black tie. it is looking great combination.

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    I would have to say that you go with the Topman.

    Men and womens clothing online
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    I got a grey wool blend one off eBay for a good price so it's worth having a look there. If you're on a Topman budget, why not try out ASOS? But bear in mind they're jackets are cut quite short, so if you're over 6 ft I wouldn't advise them.

    ASOS | ASOS Slim Fit Tweed Blazer at ASOS
    (yes I know it's tweed, but in this "summer" frankly who cares about being seasonal?)

    As for pulling off that look, it's one that I adopt pretty reguarly as most of my looks are smart-casual. If I'm trying to keep things dark, I'll wear a white oxford shirt with a grey or charcoal knitted tie and slim indigo jeans, finished off with tan brogues or brogue boots.

    However, a light blue shirt can bring alot of life to a grey jacket without being too out there, especially when paired with a more colourful tie: a burgundy knitted one is my go to.

    As for pocket squares, my standard one I go to with a grey blazer is a burgundy one with polka dots.

    Yeah, I know it's quite a wintery outfit but it depends on the weather: swapping the tweed for a lighter jacket would be advisable if you're actually having a summer where you are.
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