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    Suit Trouser Width

    I've got a supposedly slim fitting M&S suit but the trousers seem just a straight cut, nothing really slim about them.

    I want to get them altered to be slimmer, but wish to keep them classic enough to wear long term, rather than fashion short term super skinny style..but nevertheless want them slim enough to fit in with my younger age and being a slim build.

    They are currently 16 inches around the circumference of them hem and about 18 in the you think getting them slimmed/tapered even by an inch would be enough to make them look slimmer?

    What width are any of your suit trousers at the hem?

    I realise it also depends on your height/build - but I am a 30 inch waist/31 leg and slim built, so think my slim, is probably a lot slimmer than other people's idea of slim. Perhaps my current trousers of 16 inch hem / 18 around the knee is slim for some of you? But they seem to swamp me and have little definition.

    Of course i will talk through my case with my alterations place, but interested on other views here.

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    best thing to do is have them tapered. I wouldn't worry too much about doing it in inches, just go for what looks best when you get them pinned, then you'll have a physical idea of how it will look.

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