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    Reiss Shirt Sizing

    Does anybody know what the current situation is regarding Reiss shirt sizing?

    I've seen some nice shirts on their website, however I've had some varied experiences with this brand, with some garments running very small, others quite large. I tend to float between a small and a medium - often need a small to ensure a slim line when tucked in, however take a medium ASOS slim fit, while HM medium is often too billowy (in formal shirts, anyway!)

    Some of my preferred styles are only available in M, but this would be acceptable if they were slim fitting. Don't want any baggy monsters!

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    not sure if this helps, but i have a 38" chest and i get a small in reiss.

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    if you want a the shirts to be slimmer fitting and you are between a small and a medium, go for the small, unless it actually specifically says it is a slim fit shirt they tend to be square, they don't look bad, they just aren't especially slim fitting, the side panel detail shirts seem to be a tiny bit slimmer but they still aren't slim fitting.

    I have a 36/7 inch chest and smalls are generally pretty good on me. Be aware that the linen shirts are usually bigger.

    What shirts are you interested in? If I know the shirt I could give you a more accurate description of the fit.

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