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    Not Brogues Again..

    Evening all.

    As a relatively young (18) lad, im just gradually coming into wearing more formal wear these days, and all these forums have to led me to what seems a controversial topic!.. brogues

    I just needed some help on them to be fair. Im wearing trousers and shirt and tie etc. to my new job which starts on wednesday, and i went shopping today for some shoes. Had a mre to be honest! (before i start, as an 18 yer old saving for uni im always very short on funds!)

    In burton I found a few pairs of nice shoes, and i was looking for brown. However the couple I did like were out of my size (im at the silly 10-11 shoe size) .. and these other shoes I liked that were in size, were fairly pointed at the front, and when youre size 11 they look liek flippers! didnt look good at all

    So now im looking online for some brogues, but reading on the forums iv come across terms like derby etc. Tried researching it online but havent found a clue to what all the different types are! any help?

    Also, any decent ideas for shoes (preferably brown) .. about £20-25? theres a vintage charity shop near where i live where i found some nice looking shoes which i eventually brought (as temporary) for around 14 quid, so decent shoes are available at a low price!

    i just have no clue with shoes..

    everything seeems.. too clumpy, too high heeled, too wide, too pointy, too chunky, unlaced, square footed.. etc. etc.

    not really sure the point of this thread now to be honest? its late i just need advice, help, anything!!! on formal shoes,

    thanks all

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    Shoe terms like derby, brogue, oxford and wingtip can be confusing (and most wouldn't be able to tell the difference between an Oxford and a Derby), so don't worry.

    It's hard to explain without using complicated terms, so a picture might help:

    There are two main parts to all shoe uppers:

    1. The vamp - that's the bit that covers your toes and instep
    2. The quarters - the bit that wraps round the heel and side of the foot.

    The difference between an Oxford and a Derby is how these two pieces are attached to one another.

    The Oxford shoe (the brown ones in the picture) are what is termed 'closed laced' which means that the vamp (the front bit) is stitched on top of the quarters (the side bits).
    The Derby (the black ones) is an 'open laced' shoe with the quarters stitched on top of the vamp, which means the bit with the lace holes in could flap around with no laces in.

    The Oxford is usually considered to be more formal type of shoe (you should never wear a derby to a black tie event), but, quite honestly in most situations they are perfectly interchangeable so knowing the difference is purely academic.

    The term 'brogue' simply refers to the perforations punched into the leather. And a 'wingtip' is a 'w' shape stitched onto the vamp.

    A full brogue has a wingtip decorated with perforations and perforations on the medallion.
    A half brogue has a straight toe cap decorated with perforations and perforations on the medallion.
    And a quarter brogue has a straight toe cap decorated with perforations, but no perforations on the medallion.

    OK, that the brogue masterclass over and done with.

    The problem for you is, that it is going to be almost impossible to find brogues at £20-25. This is what a quick search for me turned up:

    MENS BROWN LEATHER BROGUES SHOES SIZE UK 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 £24.99: Shoes & Accessories

    Mens 100% Genuine Leather Oxford style Brogue shoes for party and formal wear: Shoes & Accessories

    Of course, I'm not going to vouch for the quality of either, but the first pair don't look too bad and will foo most folks into thinking they are more expensive than they really are.

    eBay seem to have plenty and you can always try hitting the sales although I'm guessing you've tried that. Or, if you, can even squeezing another £15 out of the budget can make all the world of difference.

    I hope this helps.
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    If you push it up to £50, the ASOS brogues are quite acceptable. And I own a pair of Brogue boots from (take a deep breath...) Topman and they look okay. Can't complain at £35 in the sale, so worth having a look next time you go past a Topman.

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