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    Wanted: Leather Jacket

    Hi, I have had two leather Jackets from All Saints, the Worp Leather Jacket and then the Command Leather Jacket, both of which I like, but they are both in a size small and have been slightly too big for me.

    I therefore ordered the Stenberg Leather Jacket in size extra small and got it today, but it's even larger than the two I had previously even though they were a small! Really frustrating! I don't understand why All Saints have made all their clothes so much larger.

    I was therefore wondering if anybody had any good Leather Jacket recommendations for a 5ft 6" tall guy weighing 10.5 stone and having a 35" chest as the new All Saints Leather Jackets in XS are too big.

    Or, I was wondering if anybody maybe had an old school All Saints Leather Jacket in a size XS that they no longer want, like the Coerce, etc that they would consider selling?

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    why not spend around 300 and get one made exactly the way you want it

    I did this twice and was very happy with the final product

    'Tomcat Leather' in Covent Garden, London seem to have the best choice of high quality and attractive leather for this purpose


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