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    I'd say it's worth the extra to have it in a nice material one. The topman one will probably be pretty average in the flesh, whereas the real suede River Island one will be a lot nicer, and last longer too.

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    Hey, I was literally about to start a thread for varsity jacket advice when I saw this one right band at the top! :P

    I'm wondering about where a varsity jacket would stand for A/W 2012, in regards to outerwear and colour schemes. I'm thinking a good jacket would last the non-rainy days up through till March and as a good (maybe) layer for those rainy days.

    Wondering what styles to go for, I've been particularly drawn to Asos' range of quilted subtle varsity jackets without the contrasting sleeves, as it feels like I don't have to strafe towards the preppy/casual area of fashion and can maybe touch it up with a shirt.

    The thing I'm worried about is colour, should I invest or play it safe with a neutral colour? Been trying to look into the colour schemes of AW12 and I'm thinking I may branch out more into coloured trousers as opposed to a subtle/bold colourful jacket.

    The Asos jackets that've caught my eye are as shown (sorry I'm having to use external links):

    ASOS | ASOS Varsity Jacket In Quilted Fabric at ASOS

    ASOS | ASOS Varsity Jacket In Quilted Fabric at ASOS

    ASOS | ASOS Varsity Jacket In Quilted Fabric at ASOS

    There's also a bright red one however I didn't post it because I was unsure about fitting into the new season with it, despite the fact it would benefit my wardrobe, being neutral chinos (with the exception of a burgundy pair), oxford shirts and neutral/bright coloured topman t-shirts, with a style that shows casual wear with a longing for getting a touch smarter. Apologies on the essay, I've realised it's best to get every aspect of my style out, to give people an idea how I dress. Any advice would be greeeeeeeatly appreciated, p.s. I'm also not a huge fan of the leather look varsities (for personal preference on style, I'm sure they look sweet on you guys/others).


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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam543 View Post
    Hi guys, this is my first post on the forum but I've been reading the site for a while.
    I've had a varsity jacket for a while (since christmas) but never really worn it. It feels a bit "flashy", and when I compare it to the images of varsity jackets that there was an article on it seems a bit, I don't know, shouty? I've linked to some images of it on a shop website, what do you guys think of it?

    UCLA | UCLA Payne Varsity Jacket at RouteOne

    The jacket looks fine and it doesn't look flashy at all. I had a similar jacket way back when I was still in high school...

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    Quick question on varsity jackets: should they be without any letters and patches, or should they be completely plain? I feel as if the ones with letters give off a more youthful vibe, while the plain ones are a little more grown up.

    Any thoughts?

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