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    Prince William's New Suit Style

    I came across this picture of Prince William the other night in a suit which is seemingly a lot better cut/slimmer silhouette than previous ones he wore in years gone by.

    I am after a suit with a similar silhouette - classic enough so that it is suitable for engagements/events/work but still slim enough to look modern/match being a younger guy. Even if he does not always have suits like this/if this is just a one off for him in the picture, I like the no break in the trouser leg and trim jacket, but not too short.

    Would anyone agree that this type of silhouette is a good one for a classic look that still matches being young i.e. fits well but looks timeless?

    My main concern is trousers - while the jackets of off the peg suits fit me quite well, trousers (even ones labelled slim fit suits) seem to be too wide around the hem. Obviously I need to get them altered but by narrowing/slimming them slightly, I don't want them to look too skinny and want them to be like in the picture, with no break, but I find it very hard to get suit trousers to fall so that they don't break at all/barely (as in the right leg of the photo). Should I be getting them cut slightly shorter/narrower at the bottom?

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    Go to Reiss (i'm not just pumping them because I work for them). Pretty much all the suits are slimmer fitting with tailored jackets and slim trousers, they cut them with a classic base (jacket length, cinch of the jacket etc) but keep them modern with colours and detailing like lapels, pockets and over all shape.

    All the trousers come unfinished so they will take them up to the length you want and they should do every other alteration you can think of, including tapering the legs; it might depend on the confidence of whoever is doing the pinning but it should be fine.

    You'll be looking at about 375 - 500 for the suit and more for the tailoring.

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