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    What To Wear To Bachelor Party/Dinner/Club

    What to wear to bachelor party?

    Hey guys, I'm going out for my friends bachelor party for dinner and then to a strip club (all male). I've never been to a strip club before and I just don't know what to wear... I don't want to be too dressy if everyone else isn't but I don't want to be under dressed either... I think I'm gonna get converse shoes I've picked out a few things if you guys can take a look please.... if the first 2 things don't work I can switch the dark blue dressy jeans for the other 2 pants.. I feel ridiculous asking this, I swear it's like I have OCD or something..... anyway I put together some of the images below please check!

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    Well i think this dress up is very casual..and is appropriate for you to wear a slightly more stylish version of your daily wear i.e. dressy casual.Wear dark jeans with a button down shirt and a vest or a colorful polo with a sport jacket layered over top.It will look cool.

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    Seem as you will already be in a sleazy joint, I would go all out personally and look as sleazy as possible. I'm talking slicked back hair, well-cut sportscoat, tie, fake tan, overpowering amounts of aftershave...

    Okay well maybe not the last two.
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