I've been doing a lot of online browsing for pants, and I keep facing the same question: do I want pants which are too short, or too wide?

My ideal pant size is about 33x36 (even 32x36, but I'm willing to compromise). However, almost all of the pants I've been looking only have 33x34 or 34x36. This means my pants are either too short or too wide.

Which one looks better? I'm leaning towards "proper length but wide waist", but the issue is compounded by the fact that slim clothes look the best on me, and wearing slim pants which are too big at the waist is kinda, well, terrible looking. Still, it seems to be the lesser of two evils, and maybe I can hide it sometimes by my choice of shirt. I thought I'd see if any beaners have an opinion on this, and if they can articulate their reasons why they lean one way or the other.