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    Rebuilding My Wardrobe - Something A Tad Different


    First post on here, so go easy.

    I'm 19 coming on 20, and am in a position where I have a steady income, so I've decided that I should start developing a proper wardrobe.

    I've been looking at a few fashion websites and such; it seems that everyone is going Preppy/Americana, it's also very common in my area as well. But, to be honest, it's not something i'm interested in.

    I've always admired people with more of a "rock and roll" edge, think the likes of the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin; that 70's invincible rock aurora they had. I've looked for more modern influences who pull of this style, but, to be honest, there aren't many. The closest i've found are people like Sergio Pizzorno, and to an extent, Johnny Depp. I've read the articles on them on this website, did't "quite" capture what I was after

    I'd love to rebuild my wardrobe in an attempt to capture some of that swagger, but to get away with it in a cold, hard town in the North-East of England, if you know what I mean...

    Could anyone give me any ideas on where to start? It would be massively appreciated!

    Thank you!

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    I can't say I'd want to emulate the wardrobe of Robert Plant and the like aha (though seem as we're name dropping, I did used to play music with his son

    Although it's not a style I emulate myself, a look I've always loved is that of the Smiths in the early 80s, especially that of guitarist Johnny Marr. They took the roll-necks and sports jackets of the Beatles, the rugged workwear of Joy Division, the flamboyance of the 70s stadium rock bands and added a modern, indie-ish twist. Also they were from Manchester, so would give you that slightly more urban, harder edge.

    Here's a couple of pics of Marr:

    Google Image Result for

    Google Image Result for

    Google Image Result for

    His hair is incredible! I love the way the Smiths combined masculine, urban and adrogynous features to make up their look, but still kept it undeniably rock n' roll. I believe Noel Gallagher was very taken by Marr when he saw him performing on Top of the Pops, and rushed out to buy the same roll-neck and guitar.
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