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    Ok, so I know a lot of people on here will turn their noses up at the thought of ever stepping outside with sweatpants of any form on - but I really have a hankering for some. They'll mainly be for knocking about in indoors but I'd like them to look reasonable enough to nip outside with every now and then, with a pair of converses and a thick knit jumper. Something about the weather getting colder and colder makes me just want to be comfy too.

    I've seen the following so far:

    BASIC TROUSERS - Trousers - Man - ZARA United KingdomThese are tempting me (in black), but I was just wondering if anyone else has come across anything else that might fit the bill. It seems a nightmare to find any without horrible branding and with a decent fit.

    P.S. looking for a dark colour i.e. black, dark grey etc.

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    I recently bought a pair, purely for lying about the house and going to the gym mind. They were a pair of Lonsdale ones. Buying sportswear from a highstreet fashion store seems like a bit of a contradiction to me, a bit like buying your chinos from JJB. (Which some people do actually do!)

    That said, those look fine. I tend to avoid ones with a cuff at the bottom, it's not a good look for me.
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    Joggers are essential! I wouldn't wear them clubbing or anything, but for chilling at home, nipping to the corner shop when hungover, hanging out with mates they are perfect.

    They are also a requirement for any festival / holiday.

    The Zara ones you posted aren't even that casual tbh - could easily work them into some sports luxe stylee outfits that you could proudly go to town in.

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