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    Wedding Outfit Responsibility Troubles..

    So my Sister is getting married in December down in Brighton. She has asked me to sort out the suits and accessories for the groom, best man and ushers.

    The suits colour has already been decided on navy, and the flowers are going to be white. So all I am left to do is pick a tie colour and style, as well as pocket squares.

    I have never actually attending a wedding before and have little experience in formal suits as I generally wear blazers with chino's etc.

    The groom himself isn't particularly knowledgeable or even remotely into fashion, nor the best man and other ushers so I have wouldn't say I have full freedom with colours as they might be reluctant to try anything that stands out too much.

    So if anyone has any experience in this, all advise would be greatly appreciated!

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    Yeah I'd play it safe mate; maybe Navy suits, white shirts and cream ties / waistcoats / pocket squares?

    A bit like this guy

    If she's having white flowers and ting it would be cool to keep the whole colour scheme pretty muted I guess

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    Tie-wise, some sort of pattern in grey like a PoW check is a classic for weddings and would go well with a navy suit...probably with white pocket squares. I like Pin's suggestion of cream as well though.

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