Im in need of some fashion help, currently i'm clueless. I am 21, 6ft4, naturally slim but muscular and this is the first time i will be delving in to the world of fashion forums. I dont know what to buy or who to model myself as or how to get more knowledge, shall i buy magazines, read specific blogs? How do i gain more fashion knowledge?

One matter i really need help with in specific is jeans. I just wear cheap jeans which fit me nicely then throw after a few months when they fade. I would like to invest in good quality clothes that will last, be usable with different outfits but not break the bank. I've read that spending £200 on a pair of jeans is a good investment but don't know what qualities make a good pair that will not fade instantly. I also found out that people wear jeans for 6 months after buying without washing to keep them hard and floppy (sounded extremely weird and alien to me). Personally i cannot stand tight jeans but like loose fitting jeans with straight legs, what is a good brand or site to buy jeans for up to £200?