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    Shoes The Ugly Troll In My Wardrobe

    So Iím an office bound engineer by trade and every day I spend walking, sitting, occasionally running (if Iím late.. (a bit too often than not)), sometimes lurching in, once in a blue moon riding in...... my shoes.

    Every day I come home feet killing me as my shoes have about the same level of comfortableness as duck taping flat rocks to my feet.

    If Iím unlucky enough Itíll be raining so I have to be mindful to walk like a ninja up the stairs to the flat as my shoes have little to zero grip.

    And to top it off if itís been raining my socks will be soaked when I remove my shoes, I may as well have been wearing open top sandals.

    Now Iíve had a look around for comfortable, waterproof, grippy shoes that actually look good and all I keep coming up with are things like these
    Hi-Tec Women's Auckland Waterproof Shoes - Millets
    I doubt theyíd go down to well with my shirt and tie ensemble but then again Iím no fashion expert (hence being on this forum).

    Iím so p*^&%d Iím contemplating creating something better.

    Surely I canít be the only one.. or can I? Iím not sure... so I thought before I go off on a shoe crusade Iíd ask the question.

    Anyone else as annoyed with their works shoes as me, or am I just being a wuss?

    I mean all I'm asking for are durable, comfortable shoes that look great, maybe they're already out there?

    Anyways Iíd like to hear some of your thoughts.

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    Well I have a pair of Timberland boots, which are warm, waterproof and have plenty of grip. But, I wouldn't want to wear them at my desk all day.

    When there's snow on the ground, my work shoes are hopeless, so I wear the TLs to work and change into work shoes in the office.


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