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    Pea Coat Advice


    Im looking to purchase a pea coat, and im looking for advice on brands etc

    Do single breasted pea coats accentuate the waist in the same way as double breasted?

    I quite like this one with the breast pocket, navy colour and buttons:

    Other suggestions, please!

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    Strictly speaking, all pea coats are doublebreasted. Singlebreasted similar coats are just short coats. The one you posted a picture of might be a donkey jacket (though it lacks the characteristic leather patches) or similar work coat or a version of a car/driving coat.

    To answer your question, there isn't much alternative to trying them on and seeing how a coat looks.

    The degree to which single breasted or double breasted cut jackets accentuate the waist are primarily to do with how they are cut. A single breasted jacket might be cut better or worse than a double breasted.

    That said, the angle of lapels on double breasted jackets and suits tends to suggest a more dynamic angle, leading the eye up from the waist and suggesting the idea of a narrow waist. This will be diminished by the fact this is an overcoat and the buttoning point is higher as all three buttons are done up, but still might work to some extent.

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