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    NYE Suiting Up

    Id actually love to have a burgundy suit after seeing the piece on here but that can wait till Im next in India.

    So basically charcoal grey or Navy (it might be slightly lighter than navy to be honest) suit?

    I think if I go navy, maybe a white shirt and I have a lovely royal blue silk knit tie as well. (this is the tie Profuomo | Profuomo Gebreide rechte stropdas van zijde)

    Any other ideas/combinations?

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    I assume NYE stands for New Year's Eve.
    So if we're talking about evening events, I habitually opt for grey over navy - a lot of the richness of a good navy suit is lost in poor lighting. If, though, as you say, it's slightly lighter than navy, that may well help.
    Grey is also a little more versatile; your blue tie will still look great, but it opens up other options as well.
    Your light navy, white shirt and royal blue tie combo reminds me of Pete Campbell's outfits in the first few episodes of Mad Men; the character was insufferable, sure, but he looked great:

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