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    Suit Jacket Too Small


    Just wondering if this suit jacket looks too small? its a slim fit but looks like it's pulling a bit on the top of my back. What do you reckon?

    View image: CIMG0372


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    Looks ok to me, way better than too big

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    Looks fine to me.
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    thats fine. Remember you're holding your arms forward as well in that photo, that will pull that material tighter.

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    Hard to tell simply on the basis of that one photo. It is pulling slightly, but that might be no more than the way you are holding yourself and be nothing to worry about or it might need to be an inch wider.

    What does it look like round the front? Does the jacket pull around the button when you do it up? When you do up the top/middle button (depending on whether it is a two or three buttoner) is the lower button fully exposed or half covered by the fabric of the jacket?

    How does it sit when you put your shoulders back? What about when you move around in it? Is it comfortable or does it feel like it is pulling?

    Have you tried on the next size jacket up? If so, how did you feel about that. If that is the best fit you can find but you are unsure about it, take it to a tailor/alterations shop. There should be enough spare fabric to let it out by a inch or so on a properly cut suit, without difficulties.

    At the moment, we are going through a period of extremely tight clothing and suits (a reaction to the ridiculously loose fitting suits of the late 80s and early 90s) but, given that you might be wearing a decent suit for years, making sure it fits well, no matter what the current trend, is worthwhile.

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