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    Quote Originally Posted by Textbook View Post
    To pose another question on this subject: are double monk straps going to last or are they a short term fad and no one will be wearing them in 12 months?

    Surely, they can only be deemed an investment piece if they are something that can be considered a staple item and worn over the years?

    The reason I ask is that I'm also considering purchasing some but can't quite decide whether to purchase some cheaper ones on the basis that they may be wearable for a year or so or invest in a good pair on the basis that they wont date?
    Personally, I think they're going to be around for a while yet. They probably won't take off in a such a massive way as perhaps Brogues have but it is still a classic shape that does really work. You have to find the right pair and accept that not everyone will like them, they're the kind of thing that people in the know would wear as it were.

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    Yeah, to be honest I have never seen another person wearing monks. But then I don't see that many people in brogue boots where I live either. Although I suppose increasingly I do see people in brogue shoes.

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